Wednesday, 28 February 2007


It's always interesting where info mapping will turn up. In the Times newspaper on Monday 26.02.07 they had an article about worldmapper. Worldmapper is a site where you can find many world maps which show distorted shapes of countries to indicate specific types of information such as population, military spending, etc. And here some of still think maps are used for locating physical spaces.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Mount Fear / Artist Abigail Reynolds

Artist Abigail Reynolds, Mount Fear

3-d works of information taken from frequency and location of crimes from official statistics. Mount Fears have been created for East London, Manchester, Eindhoven and South London.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Susan Stockwell..Map quilts, dresses....

Artist Susan Stockwell utilises all types of paper maps in her creations. Her work is charged with questions of places, culture, relationships, and maps of course.

Red Road Dress, 2004

Flow Map....Rather artistic


Cartographers have used flow maps to illustrate the flow of objects from one place to another. Some show migration, goods, pollution, etc. Please visit to find out more. They are rather beautiful scientific works of information.

Seems like a long time...what a flu can do


I can imagine some fun interactive games could come from this art work. Its like walking through a city only not seeing what is around you but listening to what is around you. By artist Iori Nakai

Friday, 16 February 2007

Surface Patterns: Audio Tours

Jen Southern in collaboration with Blinkmedia created an audio tour using GPS device to investigate how memory is connected to urban and domestic spaces.
Jen Southern has created many map related projects both as a solo artist and in collaborations.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Maplecroft Maps - InfoMapping

Maplecroft maps is a highly visual, web-based resource which contains detailed country information for over 200 states and maps key social, economic, environmental and political issues and their significance to business and society.

Antique Celestial Atlas

Antique celestial atlas and images, artworks and historical objects from the US Naval Observatory. Visit the homepage and you can find all sorts of wonderful treasures. The celestial maps were made by Alexander Jamieson.

Springfield, USA (The Simpsons)

The map of Springfield, USA imaginary map using all types of archives and imagination giving life to a place that only exists in another world.

Time Lapsed Maps / Time-Line

Who has controlled the Middle East over time? Any many other interesting time lapsed maps regarding religion, leadership and war, and signs of occupation.

Memory Box, Thurle Wright

Memory Box one work in the group show ON THE MAP which took place at the North House Gallery in Summer 2006. You can find several beautiful works of map art. To find out more please visit the website below.

Catch-Up / Fur Map

Artist, Yuval Shaul. Visit the site below for more information on maps created in the shapes of animals integrated with the map of a country made of animal fur.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Minneapolis and St. Paul are East African Cities

Artist Julie Mehretu was an artist in residence at the Walker Art Center where she worked with 30 young people from the East-African Community to create a map project incorporating daily activities through photographs and ambient sound recordings.

Los Angeles Mapped Exhibition

The Library of Congress/Ira Gershwin Gallery presents historical maps of Los Angeles from the collections of the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division. These diverse works of craftsmanship, precision, and imagination provide a guide to some of the most remarkable stories of the city's history: its discovery, its growth, and its industries, as seen by explorers, engineers, artists, residents, and boosters.

Great on-line exhibition and resources.

Joseph Jacinto Mora.
Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciúncula. Monterey, California: Jo Mora Publications, 1942.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

And One More / Mapping Worlds

In partnership with the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Mapping Worlds has designed three maps on the theme of Migration and Asylum. All maps represent countries proportionate to their value on a specific indicator.

Because I missed a Few Days....back to the table

Joyce Kozloff New Mexico and Florida 1656 1999Lithograph and monoprint 6 x 11 inches, Series of 15 Nos 2,4,7,11No. 99.647

advanced knowledge map that has never been drawn

"This is a rough sketch of a more advanced knowledge map that has never been drawn." - R.B.Wild ("Non-Geo" Graphical Information Systems, with a particular focus on Mapping Knowledge Domains. I'm interested in creating visualizations of 'ideas' that do not necessarily have a geo basis to them). For examples, click on the map sketch above, and here for the whole mapping story.