Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sensorial Map, Newham College & Christian Nold

The Newham Sensory Deprivation Map is the result of an intensive workshop with 36 art students from Newham Sixth Form College. The students were put into pairs, one of whom was blindfolded and given ear defenders so that they could not see or hear. The other student was given a Global Positioning System as well as pen and paper. To read more: http://www.softhook.com/sensory.htm . The artist and student collaboration is one of the many projects in East London created wihtin iniva's Creative Mapping Project. http://www.iniva.org/.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Taking Soundings, Yolande

Taking soundings of ones position relative to satellites orbiting the earth rather than relative to ones immediate environment, strikes me as a kind of blind guidance, which encourages feelings of security or insecurity (Yolande Harris) . Read more http://yolande.janvaneyck.nl/takingsoundings.htm

Tim Clinton, Architecture & Maps

Brass Chicken, 2006
Tim Clinton is a San Francisco based artist who incorporates aspects of architecture and imaginative engineering into his own brand of cartographic art. His work takes the viewer between, through and across expected meridians. (As per Swipple Gallery's information) http://www.swipple.com/exhibit.php?id=106

Monday, 14 May 2007

Ian Hundley : Quilt Maps

Bierbergen Oedelum Black2006 You can watch a video of Ian Hundley talking about his work on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyBH88oFlUU or visit his site:http://www.ianhundleystudio.com/quilts.php. He takes maps of real locations and transforms them into informative quilts.

Analgoue Art Map

Map Me mapped Adelaide social networks via 2d & 3d methods over two weeks in a gallery space. People were invited to add links on the map suing crafty materials. To read more visit the http://analogueartmap.blogspot.com/ site.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Matthew Cusick, Map Art & Car Travel

Mattew Cusick, beautiful master map works appropriating the theme of travel, roads, movement and maps. You can see more of his work at: http://www.lisadent.com/ArtistWorks/Matthew/MatthewShowcase.html

Scott St John / Tofu Art

Urban Map Quilt 2002
The artist works with maps to reconstruct other images such as quilts, 3d works, circles/dots and other figures. I can't explain it all, its better if you visit his site: http://www.tofuart.com/.

El Mapa di Mi Cuerpo, Tatiana Parcero

Cartographies, a series of photographs by artist Tatiana Parcero where she explores ideas of the body and cartography. To see more of her work please visit : http://www.zonezero.com/EXPOSICIONES/fotografos/tatiana/p1en.html or http://www.bernicesteinbaumgallery.com/artists/parcero/images.html

Shannon Rankin, Interdisciplinary Artist/Craftsperson

Shannon Rankin

In search of connections among geography, anatomy and botany, she combines the visual elements of maps, anatomical illustrations and natural forms to explore themes of travel, healing and time.
Transpant, 2007

Kathy Prendergrast

Little Universe 2 2006 To view more examples of Kathy Prendergrast visit: http://www.kerlin.ie/artists/prenderg.html. Kathy has used many cartographic maps in her art. From making a map of the USA using only the names of places where lost is part of the name. She also has created body maps such as this:

Guillermo Kuitca

Zurich, 2002 To see more of Guillermos Kuitca's work please visit: http://www.speronewestwater.com/cgi-bin/iowa/artists/record.html?record=6. His work includes many cartographic and architectural forms.

Nikolas Schiller

He is sly, this rebel cartographer. He makes maps that look like quilts, masks, feathers, acid trips. You can find America in these maps -- you can probably find your house in these maps -- if you can find the maps at all, since their creator has posted them to an online underground.
Nikolas Schiller, 26, is the god of this alternative reality. Making maps at a frenzied pace of one every two days for the past 1,000 days, he has done everything he could to keep himself off the map of the World Wide Web. You can visit his site at http://www.nikolasschiller.com/.

Mashup Maps / Who is Sick

You may have heard about google mashup maps, well here is one for those of you who fall ill at some point in the near future. Who is Sick: basiclly you can post the type of illness you have sharing with those in your area, it combines health and maps for your to post.

My Return...Sue Beyer Map Artist

On my return i discovered through my trusty search engine yet another artist working with cartography. Her print works are very beautiful and something which can inspire any student to get working on printed work. Visit her site at http://suebeyer.blogspot.com/http://suebeyer.blogspot.com/http://suebeyer.blogspot.com/http://suebeyer.blogspot.com/