Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Noriko Ambe, betweeen topography and emotion

Lands of Emptiness 2008

"So to speak, I have been mapping the mysterious land between physical and emotional geography. I want to attain something sublime. The entrance of the way is detail. The detail is the key point of nature, and we are part of nature," as stated by Noriko Ambe on her website at http://www.norikoambe.com/index.html.

Diaolgue with a Tree, 2006

Leila Daw...maps in various forms.

Leila uses maps in installations and painitngs. Her sea chart benches make direct references to offshore topography of New England, however they are still very functional. And her paintings make references to natural spaces. You can see more of her work at http://web.mac.com/leiladaw/iWeb/Site/Leila%20Daw.html.


Could have been a great city

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Off the Map...series of exhibitions 2009

Off the Map...An ongoing series of map related exhibitions explores how we can begin to map information often neglected by traditional cartographic maps - the social, emotional and political worlds we inhabit. Professional artists and groups explore information mapping and the deconstruction and reassembly of cartographic maps as part of the Iniva Creative Mapping project. http://www.iniva.org/exhibitions_projects/2009/off_the_map_exhibitions

Matthew Cusick, Map Paintings

Katy's Wave, 2008

Non Plus, 2007
Geronimo detail, 2007

I think I have seen his work before, however it’s definitely worth a mention, the detail in the images are amazing. Every area of a map becomes a brushstroke. Visit Matthew Cusick at http://www.mattcusick.com/.