Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Darlene Charneco, take a closer look

Inpsired by mapping tools and computer gaming design. Meeting points between real and virutal worlds. See more of her work: http://www.darlenecharneco.com/

Cheery Bloosom Woods, 2007

Virtual Migration, 2007

From Above

Mona Hatoum...a prolific map artist

Mona Hatoum over many years has produced map art to that engages with the politics of place and space.
Printed maps representing Beirut, Baghdad, and Kabul. The three-dimensional cut-outs articulate signs of destruction and rebuilding, 2008-2009

Afghan, 2008

Projection, 2008

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Local Cartographies with artist Maria Kheirkhah

Adults from the Sundial Centre in Hackney worked with artist Maria Kheirkhah on the Local Cartographies project to map significant places and memories of their community.

Using a kilim (a traditional Turkish carpet) as a backdrop to map the area around Sundial Centre, the group collaboratively drew up a map. The kilim was used to reflect the narrative element of the map.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Envisioning Maps, a show from 2008 better late than never

Envisioning Maps was an exhibition at Hebrew Union College in 2008 that investigated the concept of mapping. The maps explore history, getting lost, declaring location, word maps. Per the press info 'the show explores the desire to know wehre one is in a world where we don't know where we are going'.

Venice Eruv, Ben Schacter, 2007

Budapest/Soweto, William Kentridge

For more information: http://www.huc.edu/museums/ny/exhibits/08/maps/

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Kathryn Rodrigues: A different view

From pictograms to mercator maps on wood, her work to personal explorations of maps.

Mercator Map, 2006, mixed media

Connection from the Cartobibliography series, 2004

Pronoid Mapping- the belief that the world is conspiring to help you

Artists Agnes Poientin-Navarre and Theresa Rahman worked with a artists to consider the concept of 'Pronoia' - the belief that the world is conspiring to help you. Through a series of workshops the group identified key words, symbols and pictograms that define their personal pronoid journeys.